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Cœur de Tarentaise offers you a taste of everything theSavoieregion has to offer. Nestling right at the heart of the Alps and the TarentaiseValley, you’ll soon appreciate its addictive potential.

Stay there once and it’ll be part of you forever!



Street Art Moûtiers

its historic town centre and Street Art trail...

Independently or on a guided tour, explore the historic town centre and stroll along the pretty criss-crossing cobbled streets. Pay a visit to the Museum of Popular Tradition to discover the local customs, or the History and Archaeology Museum to get a better understanding of the town. Don’t miss the old bridge, one of the town’s emblematic sites, Saint-Pierre Cathedral, the former archbishop’s palace, the riverside ‘barrioz’…

Also discover the mural frescoes on the Street Art trail, livening up the town’s walls: they’re real works of art. A dedicated trail will reveal around thirty of them, a real festival of colour!

Allow a whole day and enjoy lunch in one of the town’s numerous restaurants.

On Tuesday or Friday morning, head to the market to discover delicious local flavours (cheeses, cured and dried meats, honey…) in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere!

Moûtiers’ cultural heritage
Sentier artistique de Hautecour
©Alpcat Médias/Cœur de Tarentaise Tourisme

Hautecour’s artificial lake and art trail

The pretty village of Breuil is the perfect setting in which to relax and enjoy activities for the whole family.

Let your mind wander and your imagination roam free…

In a lush, green setting, the sun’s rays reflect in the peaceful waters of La Trappe artificial lake: a perfectly located breeding ground for trout, and a little paradise for the vocal, inquisitive frog population. There are picnic tables by the waterside, but you can also enjoy lunch on the panoramic terrace of La Trappe chalet.

Plan a programme to suit you!

There’s no shortage of activities to entertain the whole family: volleyball, basketball, tennis, petanque, wooden games… and a stunning walk on the Lez’artsopen-air art trail. That’s where you’ll discover highly original artistic Land’Art creations: Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy are waiting there for you…

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Les lacs et alpages ...

The authentic village of La Sauce and its mountain pasture

In Saint Jean de Belleville

The authentic village of La Sauce and its mountain pasture in Saint Jean de Belleville

One of our region’s jewels! Up there among the Alpine pastures, this completely unspoilt mountain village combines the best, most pure and most beautiful of our mountain environment. Nestled deep in a flower-filled vale, this typically Savoyard hamlet is home to a scattering of stone and wood-clad chalets. The river’s clear waters run under the little wooden bridge down river from the 17th century chapel built by the villagers… in summer, herds of Tarine and Abondance cattle, our local cows, graze the green grass and fragrant plantlife before generously giving their milk to the cheesemakers to make their delicious Alpine Beaufort cheese. You can pay the cows a visit by taking the trail that will take you to Les Combes Alpine pasture, 25 minutes from the hamlet of La Sauce.

Treat your taste buds at the Plan Lombardiemountain refuge! Just a 30-minute walk on the Cheval Noir itinerary, taking its name from the Belleville Valley’s legendary summit.

Accessible by car, you can also reach the hamlet of La Sauce by foot, by bike (E-mountain biking trail) or on snowshoes in winter from the hamlet of La Flachère. This bucolic and enchanting unspoilt jewel will delight visitors and hikers in all seasons.

"Le Bienheureux Paul"

A bit of background: In January 1721, a pilgrim dressed as a monk came to the valley. He was from Aragon and was on his way to Rome. He stopped over at St Martin and the Belleville locals tried to dissuade him from continuing his route through the snow, but he told them that he had made a vow to never go backwards. In the springtime, he was found dead on this site. The snow had melted around his body, which was surrounded by flowers. He was buried here, and people came to pray at his tomb. In 1730, after one miraculous recovery, the Archbishop of Moûtiers ordered that his still-intact body be transferred to underneath a stone slab at St Martin church, where he remains to this day. Where does the true story end and the legend begin? That’s for you to decide. But here in late April, it’s hardnot to think of it whenever you see a carpet of crocus flowers…




La faune, la flore ...


Nantieux arboretum

Saint Marcel

When the forest unveils its secrets…

Walk along this lovely, easy trail to discover the variety of local trees, their fruit, the wood cycle and how it’s used as well as the life of the forest and Alpine terracing. A wonderful outing and family forest walk which promises to be enriching for all ages!

Duration: 45mins.
Start: Saint-Marcel

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Sentier des Ravières (from
©Coeur de Tarentaise Tourisme
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Pedestrian sports

Sentier des Ravières (from “La Coche” dam)


Œuvre artistique
©Jérémy Tainmont-Coeur de Tarentaise Tourisme

Pedestrian sports

Hautecour Arts Trail-Promenade Savoyarde de découverte


Visage de femme
Cœur de Tarentaise Tourisme

Pedestrian sports

Street Art in Moûtiers


Sanctuaire Notre Dame de la Vie
©Cœur de Tarentaise Tourisme

Notre Dame de la Vie Sanctuary in Saint Martin de Belleville

A 17th century masterpiece, Notre Dame de la Vie Sanctuary watches over the Belleville Valley. Boasting one of the oldest baroque altarpieces in the Tarentaise Valley, it is a vestige of the Savoie region’s artistic and religious revival of the 17th century: a brilliant illustration of the richness and technical expertise of baroque art. Listed as a Historic Monument in 1949, this recently renovated baroque art jewel is the most venerated sanctuary in the Tarentaise.

In days gone by, huge crowds used to gather there to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption on the 15th of August and early September.

Constructed between 1635 and 1680, this Nicolas Deschamps-designed sanctuaryis built in the unusual shape of a Greek cross, with a central dome, pendentives and small lanterns, and resplendentchapels. Created in 1679, the frescoes are the work of Savoyard painter Nicolas Oudeard, depicting scenes from the Old Testament.

Ornamented with gold and sculpted decoration, the high altar altarpiece was created by Piedmonteseartist  Jean-Marie Molino and depicts the life of the Virgin Mary. A discreet sliding door, embellished with a bas-relief of the Virgin and Child, conceals the recess in which the statue, thought to be miraculous, is kept...

The secondary altarpieces are simpler, but the one on the right, dating from 1636, appears to be the oldest of the three and could well be the oldest in the Savoie region!

It’s also worth spending some time admiring the rich collection of votive offerings on display at the entrance: through them, we can understand the many difficulties of life for 17th century mountain dwellers, as well as their hopes and prayers.

Free to access, you can visit the sanctuary all year round - a grill separates the nave from the choir.

In tourist season, guided visits are organised by the FACIM.

Sommet de Cîme Caron (3195m)

Val Thorens

Climb to the top of Cîme Caron summit by cable car (3,195m)

One of the legendary summits in Les 3 Vallées, the world’s largest ski area.

Fans of amazing skiing and pedestrians alike can embark on a fabulous journey on the Cîme Caron cable car. Set off from Val Thorensresort centre and finish up at an altitude of 3,195m!

Semi-suspended over the void, the top of the lift is considered to be one of the most impressive in the world.

At the summit, enjoy 360° panoramic views over more than 1,000 summits in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps, includingLe Mont Brequin, La Meije, Les Aiguilles d'Arves, LeChavièreand LeBouchet glaciers... with Mont-Blanc as the backdrop!

The orientation table will help you to find your bearings. You can also settle down at a slopeside restaurant table to contemplate this majestic setting at your leisure!


A bit of background: In 1982, SETAM built the highest and largest cable car in the world at the time, a genuine technological marvel! This collection of gondolas is one of the most expensive projects in the history of cable transportation.

From the 2020-2021 winter season, you’ll be able to go between the Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys via gondola lift, taking you from altitudes of 876m (Orelle) to 3,186m, making a total vertical climb of 2,310m!

Cable car access winter/summer:

Cime Caron is accessible by ski lift from Val Thorens resort centre via the Cairn and then Caron gondola lifts and the Cime Caron cable car.

From the car park at the bottom of the resort (P4) via the Caron gondola lift, then the Caron cable car.

Footpath access:

Val Thorens –Take the road, then La Moutière trail (accessible by car) and park atLa Moutière artificial lake (not on the map).

From Lac de la Moutière (2,476m), go left on the track that goes off into the distance and passes under Le Plateau ski tow and the Grand Fond funicular lift.

Follow this long, steep slope (the Laudzin red ski run) that will take you to the Cime de Caron summit (3,195m) via the Col de Laudzin (2,804m).


Cœur de Tarentaise is truly your all-round holiday destination! A land of adventure and discovery, you’ll find all the leisure activities you need to relax and recharge your batteries in the fresh mountain air.


Piscine thermale de Salins-les-Thermes

​Salins thermal water swimming pool


​Thermal water heated to 33° for a truly relaxing experience in the Salins thermal swimming pool. Sounds tempting doesn’t it? You’ll also have access to the massage jets, spa, sun lounge and aquagym lessons.

Salins thermal water has almost the same salt levels as seawater and is high in iron, which reducesthe sense of heaviness and joint pain, thereby aiding mobility and muscle relaxation.

Based in Salins-les-Thermes, this thermal swimming pool is one the largest pain-relieving thermal swimming pools in France. Filled with water from the Salins spring, this naturally warm thermal water improves blood circulation, increases blood flow and helps to balance arterial blood pressure.

Rocher d'escalade

Rock climbing "Le Glaisy"


Notre-Dame-du Pré is known for being the smallest ski resort in Savoie Mont Blanc, but it’s also a very well regarded climbing site in the Tarentaise Valley. You can also enjoy frogs’ legs like nowhere else at the Auberge de la Fruitière!

Le Rocher du Glaisy located at an altitude of 1,300m is equipped with 230 safe climbing routes for all ability levels, with a wide selection ranging from 3b to 7b/c on the difficulty scale.

The site enjoys a prime location at the heart of nature with great amenities nearby: picnic tables, places to barbecue, toilets and drinking water.

A climbing guide is available from Le Glaisy campsite (2€).


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